I have been making paintings most of my life and now work at a studio at my home in Colchester.   I attended Colchester School of Art, and Norwich School of Art, during the years 2002 to 2007 and obtained firstly a BA Honours degree, followed by a MA Degree in Fine Art.


I make both abstract and figurative paintings.   I  draw in the landscape and especially enjoy the warmth and vibrancy of foreign places.  My sketchbooks are a mixture of quick drawings of places, combined with abstract experiments based on marks, shapes and colour.


Painting for me is about finding, playing, experimentation, going with the flow.    It is about creating a design or structure which is the basis for interplay of colours, shapes and patterns.  Sometimes I work entirely from instinct, just playing with materials to create pieces resulting from arbitrary and impulsive adding and taking away until it says something interesting.   It is a serious process even though it works in a random way.

I work on several pieces at the same time, and it can sometimes take forever for a painting to make its mind up.  Just occasionally it can feel like the work makes itself, however most of the time it involves a great deal of trial and error.


What I am doing at present

In addition to making random small collages I am currently going back through the sketchbooks.   Many of these comprise a record of past experiences and places visited, mountains climbed and so on.  I have often found it difficult to use drawings as a starting point for landscape painting, and to actually paint on the spot whenever possible is a much more immediate experience.  However, I am seeing interesting material in drawings done years ago that is pulling me in.  As the next few weeks enfold hopefully there will be some results.


updated 11/8/21