Brenda Jones: Blog en-us (C) Brenda Jones (Brenda Jones) Mon, 06 Sep 2021 10:13:00 GMT Mon, 06 Sep 2021 10:13:00 GMT Brenda Jones: Blog 120 90 A new little one.  

A little one I finished today, will see how it looks tomorrow.  30x30cm

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Paintings today Looking at these again today, need more work I think, possibly.  But quite like some bits.

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new work  

Re-working these little ones today.  Just the beginning.   Also reworking some big ones.  Seem to be interested in blocks of colorr.


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another new painting  

This one too I got out again.  The two would go well together.

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newly discovered paintings Found some old work which hadn't seen for some time, quite liked it, (for sale, enquiries welcome), needs new frame, this one a bit dark and tattered, would look good in white.

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Studio 8 March  

Very cold this winter, will be glad when I can just wear a t shirt. Very cold this winter in the studio, will be glad when I can just wear a t shirt.

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In the studio  

In the studio at the weekend, a series of little paintings on board.  Been ongoing for some time, go back to them now and again, a nice change to work with fast drying acrylics.

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Vallehermoso 2019  

Photo of Vallehermoso 2019.   Thinking of making a painting of this,  usually don' t like working from photos but this one appeals.

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Looking for shapes

Today, making sketches exploring shapes, colour, mark, line.   


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New one on the wall  

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Framing new little collages  

Finding frames for the new little collages


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New ideas etc Using scraps for ideas Looking at scraps for ideas


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One of the recent collage series (ongoing)

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Today in the studio - lots of ideas running around - several themes intermingling.  

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Four little ones - drying off - from the new Vallehermoso series.

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Not yet titled - new painting from the new Vallehermoso series (from Jan 2020) Recent painting from Vallehermoso series, from January 2020

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Paintings in progress today Mon 28th Oct

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From the sketchbook - Boatyard at Felixstowe Ferry 15th October

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studio shot taken in Summer 2019 In the studio summer 2019

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little sketch  

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Three little paintings A small group of three, in the Octagon

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Another view of the Octagon Octagon exhibition - till end of MarchAt Middleborough, Colchester, Essex. Open office hours.

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Exhibition at the Octagon  

Exhibition at the OctagonA view of my current show of paintings in the Octagon Gallery - until March

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New Studio  

New studio

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New blog post - open studios today

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Playing with scribbles paper size 85x58cm 1 Feb 1 Feb 2017

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Me in my studio spring 2016. Back to studio tomorrow 14 APRIL, after Easter break photo of me in studio, spring 2016looking forward to getting back to studio after Easter break

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Weymouth houses

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Me in my studio, early spring 2016

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another collage painting

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One of my new collages - small paintings on board

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Lines of Landscape sketches One of my new sketches on 1 August, for new series

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Another sketch of Italy

]]> (Brenda Jones) Sun, 05 Jul 2015 22:00:51 GMT
This is one of the sketches of my Italian holiday - see new section under Sketches

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This is a Painting in Progress - reflecting my walks on the Sorrento peninsula

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Village Think I've finally got the hang of this blog,  so many little things to remember,  but good when it comes right.    Here is another sketch of Italy.

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26 April 2015 Happy painting days during the Easter Hols.


]]> (Brenda Jones) Sun, 26 Apr 2015 03:30:23 GMT
Saturday 26 April - now getting into the blog again after technical difficulties This is one of my new sea paintings.   Last December we spent a few days at Whitsand Bay in Cornwall and stayed in a cottage right on the beach.

]]> (Brenda Jones) Sun, 26 Apr 2015 03:00:32 GMT
New paintings I have put this painting on the website, it is part of a little series called Ramblings.  I never know how to title paintings, but as I do all my thinking whilst walking and swimming and so on, the title makes sense in some way.    I am not totally sure about it, but it has some interesting characteristics, the other two are on the website also.  I rather like the other two.

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Getting used to the blog There is an awful lot of stuff I don't understand about using the blog, but hoping to get more clever with it, so that people can respond if they want to, and link it to twitter and facebook.     But for now, just putting on another photo of a recently completed painting of the Essex Fields series.

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Found painting This  is a painting I have found during a sort out - part of a series in 2007, have put in a frame.

RediscoveredFound during sort out

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studio view 22 october studio view 22 october

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2 Sept in the studio This one is Essex Fields No2 and I quite like it.  It is on New Work page with Essex Fields No.1.

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10 August - more sketches from Weymouth Coast Path Boats on a Beach

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8 August - Art from Weymouth Houses 1

houses 3houses 3 houses 1houses 1

]]> (Brenda Jones) Fri, 08 Aug 2014 17:12:19 GMT
7 August by Jocelyn age 5 More art from Weymouth  -  Sunflower

sunflower Art from Weymouth   "Sofa" SofaSofa

]]> (Brenda Jones) Thu, 07 Aug 2014 21:32:24 GMT
In Progress Showing some promising markings  !! Nearby places seriesSome hopeful markings !!

]]> (Brenda Jones) Tue, 29 Jul 2014 20:06:06 GMT
Oscar - before he moved Decided I am going to draw dogs, horses and people, either moving or not moving, as a change from struggling with landscapes Oscar - before he movedDecided I am going to draw dogs, horses, people, both moving and not moving. As a change from struggling with landscape.

]]> (Brenda Jones) Tue, 29 Jul 2014 19:49:09 GMT
25 July A photo of another work in progress - Nearby Places series.   This one looks promising.  The one posted the other day has undergone changes and has now become a complete disaster, that's what happens sometimes.   However, I think the series as a whole has potential - very important to get a very good basic drawing, a structure to fall back on.    Nearby Places series

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Sketching in Ireland A rocky inlet in Connemara

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