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Collage No.1   on board  30x20cm 2016Collage No.2   on board    30x26 cm 2016Collage No.3  on board  30x20cm 2016Collage No.4 on board 30x20cm 2016Collage No.5 on board 30x30cm 2016Collage No.6 on board 30x20cm 2016Collage No.7 on board 30x20cmColour Chords No.1  Collage & oil on wood (small)Colour Chords No.2   Collage & oil on wood 2017Colour Chords No.3   Collage & oil on wood (small)Colour chords No.4    Oil & Collage on wood  2017Colour Chords No.5  Collage & Oil on board 2017Colour Chords No.6   Collage & Oil on board  (small)Colour Chords No.7  Collage & Oil on wood (small)Colour Chords No.8  Collage & Oil on board  (small)Colour Chords No.9   Oil on board  (small)Colour Chords No.10  Oil on board (small)Colour Chords No.11 Oil on board  2017Shapes and lines   No.1   oil on canvas 30x20cm 2017shapes and lines No.2  oil on canvas 30x20cm 2017

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