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"Simple Lines"  Oil on Canvas  50x40cm"Lines Across"    Acrylic & Collage on canvas  40x40cm"Shapes in Blue and Black"   Collage on wood 40x40cm"Pink Line"    canvas collage on wood     30x30cm"Fragments on black wood"    40x30cm"Pink Dance"   collage on wood   40x25cm"Two bits of wood No.1"     painted wood  20x20cm"Two bits of wood No.2"  painted wood 20x20cm"Patchy Blue"     oil on canvas 40x30cm"Close together"   oil on canvas 40x40cm"Pink & Orange"   Collage on canvas   45x30cm"Stitchings" No.1    50cmx50cm"Stitchings" No.2    55x50cm   painted canvas"Stitchings No.3"     painted anvas 55x50cm"Undercurrents"      collage on canvas   65x30cm"Yellows"     painted wood 45x40cm"Bright Blue Day "   oil on canvas   50x30cmLittle long one No.1    acrylic on boardLittle long one No.2   acrylic on boardLittle long one No.3   acrylic on board

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