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Across the Water No.1  130x90cm Acrylic on canvas 2009Across the Water No.2  130x90cm  Acrylic on canvas 2009Blue Sea 115x90cm acrylic on canvas 2011Luna Park No.1 110x90cm acrylic on canvasLuna Park No.2 110x90cm acrylic on canvas 2009SOLD Mediterranean 115x90cm acrylic on canvas 2011Down Under  70x55cm  Oil on board   2009SOLD Vivid 80x60cm collage  2012Bright Land  60 x 50cm  oil on canvas  2009Wild Place 75x55cm collage on canvas  2012Going Places  75x 55cm  Collage on canvas   2012Heatwave 65x55cm acrylic on canvas   2009Hot Country 90x60cm Collage on boardSOLD Eglysweg 110x90cm acrylic on canvas 2011Orange Field 110x90cm acrylic on canvas  2012Seaside Yellow 60x60cm acrylic on canvas  2008Indian Summer 115x90cm acrylic on canvas 2011Jaywick No.1 100x80cm collage on board 2010Jaywick No.2 100x80cm collage on board 2010Jaywick No.3 100x80cm collage on board 2010

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