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"Y Garn"       mixed media   25.5x18cm"Dinas"    mixed media   25.5x18cm"Rhinog"   mixed media   25.5x18cm"Wydda"   mixed media   25.5x18cm"Carningli"  mixed media   21x15cmsnippets 1   mixed media   14x10.5cmsnippets 2   mixed media   11.5x7cmSOLD  Collage Landscape on paper  40x30cmHaving fun   collage 20x30cmsmall watercolour No.1  20x15cmsmall watercolour No.2  20x15cmwatercolour and collage  No.1  30x20cmwatercolour and collage No.2  30x30cmwatercolour and collage No.3 30x30cmCollage & Watercolour No.4 30x30cm25 May No.1  30x30cm25 May No.2  30x30cm25 May No.3   30x30cm25 May No.4   30x30cm25 May No.5   30x30cm

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